Acrylic painting class – Painter at work

Acrylics on canvas – day 8, 9 and 10

In our last 3 classes we had to use acrylics on canvas to picture a  painter  in surrounding environment. While we was working indoors, inside the sculpture gallery the additional difficulty (except life painting a human figure) was to compose the picture.

Painting “finished” after 3 days by 3 hours each, nothing special yet I learned few more things again

Day 7

To make it easier t’s good to create few sketches before starting to paint.  First I decided whom I’m going to paint and I made a really quick sketch of the setup. Person, the gesture, the easel and some less important background. Took me about 10-15 minutes  to get the composition.

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Drawn with sanguine

Sanguine – daily sketches collection

Here is a collection of drawings created using the sanguine and some white pastel in highlights here and there.

Warm color of sanguine makes the sketches look better and more natural, at least for me. It’s also a pleadure to feel the medium while drawing.


Certainly it’s one of my favorite drawing tools, although I still need to improve the balance between the paper background, shadows and highlights to stop thinking too much and get the desired effect. Hope you like it anyway.

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Bottle & grapes – gouache painting

Still life painting in gouache – study

I found that switchng mediums is the best way for me to learn new things and find new ways to express myself later in those mediums. Solving problems in watercolor, helps while painting in gouache, pastel studies bring new ideas for oil painting etc.

So there is another gouache still life study. The purpose was to mix less colors to get more vibrant ones, to get the contrast right, reserve whites and do not use any masking fluids. Also to create a semi realistic painting including a glass object.

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Still life and melon study – acrylic painting / glazing

Another study of a still life and the glazing technique using acrylic paint

This time on a cheap canvas. First painted in monochrome brown to obtain all the values and modeling. Then the collor was added in several layers by glazing using the additional slow drying medium and the flow improver.

The melon, fruits and the transparent bottle - acrylic painting

The additional last glaze was added over the whole painting to make the picture colors consistent. Unfortunately all used mediums did not help to get that last layer thin and even enough. It came out a bit darker than it should and looks as some old painting.

It was the last exercise in glazing before painting the full size portrait using this technique and an acrylic paint.