17 months more of Selling Photos

Earnings from stock photography, 17 months at once

Another 17 months of selling images As I’m not publishing monthly  reports anymore it was about time to create an actual summary of what is going on in my corner. The period covered starts with the highest peak in Shutterstock (SS), from November 2012 to


Acrylic painting class – Painter at work

Acrylics on canvas – day 8, 9 and 10 In our last 3 classes we had to use acrylics on canvas to picture a  painter  in surrounding environment. While we was working indoors, inside the sculpture gallery the additional difficulty (except life painting a human


Painting people in the park in gouache

Gouache paint on location – classes LESSON 7 On thatday I had to paint the park and trees again… which really isn’t my favorite subject. It’s enough for me to think only about sketching a tree and I feel sick. Well, that was the job.

Drawn with sanguine

Sanguine – daily sketches collection

Here is a collection of drawings created using the sanguine and some white pastel in highlights here and there. Warm color of sanguine makes the sketches look better and more natural, at least for me. It’s also a pleadure to feel the medium while drawing.

gouache painting

Gouache painting, Bottle & grapes

Still life painting in gouache – study I found that switchng mediums is the best way for me to learn new things and find new ways to express myself later in those mediums. Solving problems in watercolor, helps while painting in gouache, pastel studies bring


Still life and melon study – acrylic painting / glazing

Another study of a still life and the glazing technique, acrylic painting This time on a cheap canvas. First painted in monochrome brown to obtain all the values and modeling. Then the collor was added in several layers by glazing using the additional slow drying


Apple painting – acrylic glazing – daily sketches

In this exercise I wanted to try other acrylic glazing technique than just using simply water. Water makes uneven surface and the acrylic paint  likes to change it’s structure and break. So I took the glazing medium by Windor&Newton to try. I needed to master

Stock photo sales income

Selling photos 10/2012

Selling stock images in October 2012 Well.. that was a jump. If not Shutterstock at over +28% to it’s Best Month Ever, it wouldn’t be so nice. Anyway it made October the new general BME. Especially that I did not upload anything special and did